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Winter Wedding Winds

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

In 2019, Floral Bar Chicago partnered with model Lottie and videographer Tyler to create the “Winter Wedding Winds” video. The video itself was meant to capture both the ideal winter wedding, as well as the beautiful floral bouquet that can be used for a winter wedding. Throughout the video shoot, Lottie and Tyler got to work one on one with the devoted face behind Floral Bar Chicago, Leah Mulder. Through this production they worked together, both had got the chance to see the passion Leah has for Floral Bar and the amazing talent behind it. I recently got the chance to speak one on one with Lottie and Tyler, and they both had many great things to say about what it was like to work with Leah. I asked both several questions about how they met Leah, what it was like to capture her vision, and what it was like to work with her through the 15-degree weather the day of the shoot, and this is what they had to say.

The first person I got to talk to was Lottie, who modeled for the shoot. Lottie met Leah through mutual events in Grand Rapids, MI. Once Leah and Lottie got to talking, Leah asked Lottie about the opportunity to model for her for a video shoot, and she immediately was excited about the chance.

“I had never modeled before that,” Lottie said, “it was something I was kind of nervous about, but Leah seemed very confident in her vision, and that made me more confident in my ability to complete what she had envisioned.”

I next asked Lottie what it was like specifically to work with Leah; how her energy was, her attitude, and how her communication was during the shoot. Lottie explained to me that working with Leah was one of the easiest things she had even done.

“She was very on top of everything, and her vision was very straight forward,” she exclaimed. “Leah made me feel comfortable and excited to do the shoot. That day, I swear it was the coldest day ever. We would shoot, then run back to the car and blast the heat until the sun came out again, then we would repeat. While I was modeling in the cold, I would look back and see Leah's uplifting smile. It was silent encouragement I needed to get through the freezing weather. She never stopped smiling! When we would go back to the car to warm up, Leah and I talked about everything, and I mean everything. It was so easy to talk to her. We talked about family, our professional lives, relationships, goals, and so much more. I felt very comfortable and happy the entire time we shot. Beyond that, she was fun and full of amazing positive energy”!

Lottie told me that she truly was surprised to do a winter wedding shoot.

“Not a lot of people do winter weddings. It was cool to see someone was able to complete an idealistic winter wedding because it is truly something I have never thought about or saw someone do. She matched the ideal winter wedding vision perfectly!”

One of the biggest questions I had for Lottie was what her favorite part about the shoot was, and it took almost no time to think of the answer-

“Besides the dress that may I add, fit me perfectly, it was super cool to watch Leah create the bouquet. I never realized how much time and effort it took to make floral arrangement and how tedious it is. I would watch Leah put flowers in the bouquet, take a step back, and immediately go back and edit her design. I never realized it took that much to create something that beautiful. The bouquet itself was amazing and I was just stunned with how big it was! It smelled so good, and the flowers themselves you could tell where fresh. I would work with Leah again. Beyond that, I would call Leah if I ever needed flowers or a bouquet done for myself. It's nice to know that she uses fresh flowers. She clearly cares about putting the best quality possible out there. I will without a doubt call her if I ever need a florist”

After talking to Lottie about her experience working with Leah, it made me even more excited to talk to Tyler Kelly about what it was like to create the video. Tyler started his videography business ( a few years ago with his friend, Brett Peabody who is also passionate about videography as well. He met Leah while he was bartending which started as just a simple conversation about their businesses.

“We started a conversion about what we do. She started talking about her floral business (Floral Bar) and I could immediately tell she was super passionate about her work, and so am I. Immediately this made me the ideal partner to create a video that would represent both of our business well. It was so nice to work with someone who is passionate about what they do. People lose that sometimes, but it's definitely not lost with Leah”

Just like Lottie, I asked Tyler first what it was like specifically to work with Leah; how her energy was, her attitude, and how her communication was during the shoot. Tyler said without a doubt, her passion and attitude made it an amazing experience.

“It was super cold out, like, really cold. We kept having to run back to the car to warm up. Even though it was super cold, she was super positive and didn’t stop smiling. She was super energetic the entire time and super passionate about the shoot which made everything so much easier.”

The next question I had for Tyler was if it was difficult to capture her vision of what she wanted, and he immediately replied:

“Of course not! Leah is such a team player. We would bounce ideas off each other, which ultimately gave me the easiest possible job of capturing her vision. She set up everything and had everything mapped out exactly how she needed which made my job so much easier! She was so good at communicating with me exactly what she wanted. She had amazing workflow and so many great ideas, which just made the shoot flow so well!

Beyond her having a vision Tyler explained to me that she was so well organized, Tyler made it very clear to me that coordinating with Leah was something that he loved doing. He explained to me that during the shoot, she remained excited and he could clearly tell that she was passionate about the Floral Bar.

“Would you ever work with Leah again to create a video?” I asked

“OF COURSE!” he excitedly said “I had so much fun working with Leah, I’ve said it many times, but it was super easy to work with her and get her vision across. Her excitement, energy, direction, and passion made the shoot a great experience for me. Not all people are this easy to work with!”

After interviewing Lottie And Tyler, I sat down and thought about the passion it takes to create such work. The modeling, videography, and the floral arrangements all come from the passion. Passion is something that drives us all in our professional lives, but for someone like Leah, passion drives the entire business and you can see that in all of her arrangements. If you are looking for a passion-driven florist, Floral Bar is the florist for you and all your special occasions.

As always, XOXO, Bailey

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