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What pushes you forward... maybe a LUNAR ECLIPSE?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Its already January 21st and the days are cold, cloudy and then all of sudden bright and beautiful. It finally snowed here and the sun is shinning. I love it when the sun shines and there is snow. The beautiful lunar eclipse last night took my breath away.

My moon friend took this!

This year I have made a pact with myself to meet new people to collaborate with. I already have been pushed forward by my new connects drive and giggles.

photographer: Abigail Marie model: Sammie Hodge

I met Abigail Marie, a Grand Rapids based photographer at a wedding I did last year. The wedding was at the Saugatuck Arts Center. What a great space, have you been there? She was awesome and while we were working we laughed the whole time. In this time sensitive industry, giggles can be such a breath of fresh air.

Her photography is stunning, it's focus is on the whole day from makeup to the Cinderalla strike of midnight. She captures the romance and the elegance of the wedding day as well as the people that came to help you celebrate your beautiful day.

I figured we needed to get together again, so we set up a photo shoot here in Grand Rapids, MI. We were able to portray a beautiful bride, with our model Sammie Hogdes. We headed to the Proven trails and were excited that it had just snowed. I made the mistake of not telling the model we were shooting outside, noted for next shoot!

Chelsea Pangle was willing to help us out with a stunning up-do, I simply asked her to do a BOHO themed half-up up-do. She killed it.

Hairstylist: Chelsea Pangle Dress: SECOND DANCE

The dress was a beautiful mauve & cream sheer bustle which was provided by SECOND DANCE in Grand Rapids. SECOND DANCE has a plethora of stunning dresses for your wedding day or any other special occasion. I highly recommend sneaking a peak.

Proven trails Grand Rapids, MI

So, what I found is that all these people are so much fun and they were happy to help. This not only helped me, it helped other people. I think that is the best part of collaborating. What pushes you forward? How do you meet new people in your industry? Do you have friends that need more exposure in the wedding industry?

Touch base with me at any time!

Actual photos coming soon, these were taken on my iPhone.

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