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Spring Showers Bring Summer Flowers!

Over here in Chicago we've had a tough couple of months weather-wise! From snow and ice to wind and rain, sunshine has been in short supply, but we haven't let that stop us! As the early spring months have come and gone, we've seen to a number of beautiful brides and gorgeous gardens just in time for the incoming heat!

We’ve had some brave brides this May, such as this librarian who opted for bright and cozy florals to pair with the literary theme and mild weather!

These beautiful oranges, purples, pinks, and blues paired nicely with the variety of multi-colored books they were elevated on, tying each table together in a unique way!

The subtle incorporation of brown and chrome containers allowed the arrangements to pop even more, as the muted backgrounds allowed the gorgeous florals to be the star of the show!

Whether backed by books or simple glass vases, these bright and beautifully colored flowers made eye catching displays that brought joy to each table.

This project was an absolute blast to complete, as we were able to include such a fun variety of flowers while still adhering to the bride's ideals regarding presentation, theme, and overall effect!

Furthermore, incorporating vivid colors amongst luscious greens and muted exteriors is a sure fire way to add life to any arrangement. Even outdoors in less than ideal weather, the addition of bright perennials to hardy, lush greens can brighten any space regardless of environment.

As you can see above, these brilliantly-colored flowers pop against their own foliage, but they more importantly stand out as a cohesive unit against their exterior urban landscape. Adding color when working in a city environment can be incredibly important, as without the distinction it provides, otherwise beautiful arrangements can tend to be lost to their surroundings and not allowed to be viewed in their full glory.

Regardless of whether you're planning a wedding that's approaching on the horizon or are making plans for the perfect summer garden, a pop of color could be just what you need to bring life to an arrangement that may not have previously stood a chance against the sometimes drab and downright disgusting Chicago weather at times!

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