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Sack the 'lap!

Should I wrap my shrubs in burlap?

There's something comical about a beauty in a burlap sack. Many people think winterizing shrubs requires covering them in burlap. Here at Floral Bar we say, "There is no need, your shrubs actually need this dormancy period, hence why they are hardy in our climate." Your hardy boxwoods are fine with the cold, but not so much with the drying winds we have here in the Midwest.

Better than 'lap

If you're a fan of Floral Bar then you've probably invested a lot in your garden's shrubs. As the temperature drops and humidity plummets, it's important to protect your evergreens and other shrubs from the harsh climate. But what's the point of taking such good care of your plants if you're going to hide them beneath ugly burlap? Fortunately, there's a better way.

The dryness and frozen ground in colder months can cause winter desiccation injury the disappointing browning and leaf loss so many negligent gardeners discover on their shrubs come spring. Winterizing is the process of protecting your plants from the elements so that they have the best chance of maintaining their health all season long.

Floral Bar winterizes evergreens and shrubs using naturally derived pine sap. Organic, biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-toxic, it's an undeniably better winterizing solution than covering your beautiful plants with burlap.

sack the 'lap!

Keep your garden looking gorgeous all winter long. Winterizing can be completed through November but appointments fill up fast. Email to schedule your winterizing visit with Floral Bar before it's too late!

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