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So, you SAID YESSS!!!!

We know you have been thinking about this day for a while, maybe it was years, maybe since you were a little tike, or maybe you bumped into the person of your dreams during a pandemic! There are so many emotions and then the slightly daunting plans, especially right after getting engaged.

You have so many ideas already, you may have started to go down the inspiration rabbit us, wedding inspiration never ends!!! The plethora of magazines, Pinterest, and wedding blogs we are very familiar with. Our FLORAL BAR eyes have glazed over and we might have accidentally stayed up until 3 am before. Well, we hope this little blog blurp, will help squeeze out all of your Pinterest desire. Pinterest due to the number of ideas can take you down the rabbit hole, which we actually think is GREAT!

Pinterest has endless images of ideas and inspiration can be stored! It is great for helping you find visual representations of what style you are desiring for your BIG DAY.

Now that you understand you're not alone in your PINNING overwhelm we thought we could let you know who to Pinterest to your advantage when it comes to your wedding and specifically wedding flowers.


PIN IT TO ONE solid board dedicate to your wedding and INCLUDE YOU AND YOUR FIANCE NAME, it makes it that much more REALLLL!!! This is really happening! This way it is all in one spot.

GO AT IT...... PIN PIN PIN, don't stop pinning...We want to see your dream wedding, we want you to go crazy! Once you're able to go PIN AWAY you should be able to see a theme or a few themes as your inspiration board takes shape.

Have a blast dreaming up this BIG DAY!


Categorizes this into a few boards, such as, but never limited to

Wedding Personals, or Bouquets

Feel free to PIN bouquets just for the shape and another just for the colors. Any type of image helps. The more ideas, the better. We love to see the whole picture that is in your head!

Maybe make a category board for boutonnieres. Again feel free to PIN images that aren't what you are looking for color-wise but style-wise, all of this information helps.

Another ideal category would be flowers that you would like at your ceremony. Wether this be a arch, ground pieces, or any other idea you may have, PIN IT. Its so much more fun to see your ideal wedding come to life and the endless possibilities that come with it. Pinterest is full of ideas so go for any ideas that might interest you.

The same thing goes for Cocktail Hour Arrangments. this is when you can use florals to bring life to the gathering while you are not present. Incorporate ideas that will remind your guests of you and you're significant other.

Now it's your time to dazzle your guests with Reception Florals. These can be as show-stopping and as glamorized as you would like. These pieces can be big, small, and of any variety that you feel is right for your wedding. Pinterest is a great place to find all ideas and possibilities that are right for you and your venue.

Centerpieces complement your reception in an infinite amount of ways. these can be tall or short and again, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for these. We love seeing what you come up with, especially with these because you can tie in pieces that represent you and your significant other.

Along with center pieces, you can add complements to your bar with florals or other unique ideas. our favorite ideas happen to be signs with floral detailing on the sides, but feel free to pin what you would find unique for your wedding.

Feel free to add more categorize & organize as much or as little as possible.

Personally, we use Pinterest when we can, it is a great tool in helping our couples plan to translate their wedding vision.

We hope this helps take the overwhelm out of Pinterest a little bit.

Feel free to reach out with any questions via text 616-560-9595, email or by filling out this little questionnaire.

Have Fun Pinning!


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