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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Last year an old friend from my home town called and asked if we would help flower her wedding. I immediately replied "YES!", to my surprise she was engaged to a wonderful guy named Ryne.

Ryne and Katie were equally involved in the process and met me downtown Chicago for our first meeting. I love this first meeting, it helps us understand the dynamic of the couple, and how they want to sharing their love story with their friends and family. Each couple has a vision of how they want their want celebration to be celebrated. I was eager to meet with a friend to help her celebrate her love story. Our job is to hear the couple out and translate this vision into the aesthetically.

This was easy since Katie new what she wanted for her bouquet: white peonies and mauve accents throughout. The next surprise was that they were getting married at one of our favorite venues in Chicago, Ovation, which is has an grand industrial vibe, set up for great celebrations. They have a wonderful & knowledgeable staff, great accommodations, such as the white Royals Royce (just a little perk) and they know how to throw a party.

White Peony & White Tulip Bridal Bouquet

Simple and sweet, Peonies and tulips are a welcoming, simple, and yet very elegant. This Bouquet itself represents a very clean, and beautiful venue as well as a very open and romantic setting. Having White flowers in a bridal boutique reflects the blank slate that you and your partner are about to create. Something so simple, yet so much meaning. There are many meanings behind the peonies and the tulip that throughout history both have gathered. Both used in wedding have symbolized romance, prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage. So why not try peonies and tulips in your bridal bouquet?

Bridesmaid Bouquet Light Pink Peonies, Wax Flower, & Three Various Varieties of Mauve Roses

The bridesmaid boutiques created for this wedding where elegant just like the bridal bouquet we added a light hint of mauve and pink peonies with greenery, the pink distinguished the bridesmaids from the bride. These mauve roses added a romantic and bohemian element, which in addition makes the perfect addition to any wedding.


We used olive branches to bring in a regal feeling to the bohemian vibe.

We Created an Arch for the Ceremony That Created Dimensional With Organic Olive Branches, & Dusty Mauve Roses.

The arch we created added an arch for the ceremony and a dramatic backdrop for the reception. This backdrop for the ceremony brought an intimate feeling to the large grandiose room of the Ovation.

During the ceremony it helped draw the eye to the Katie & Ryne welcoming their guests to the seats with ambient candle light. After the arch added a backdrops to the couples head table to draw the guests eye to those they were celebrating. This creation in-particular created an the BOHO and organic vibe. It made the large space become more intimate.

Part of Floral Bar's mission is to be sustainable, by reuse pieces from the ceremony to reception, we are using the foliage to its full potential.

Feel free to contact us via email, or on the website for any of your floral needs!


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