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Gardening isn’t just for ourselves or for curb appeal to impress our neighbors. Our local bird population gets more enjoyment and nourishment from our landscaping than we do. The more we plant native species, the more we help out our native bird population and our environment. When planting your garden there are some key elements to keep in mind for birds and other critters. Our local pollinators are seeking out sources of food, water, nesting, and protection against the elements.

Native vegetation is a major food source for birds and native insects. There are a few reasons why non-native plants can be harmful. Insects that may not have adapted to eating or living in them aren’t going to take up residence and can leave the birds without a meal. Nonnative plants also don’t have natural predators nearby to put them in their place, taking up space where our native species should be putting down roots!

Check your local nursery and call us to help you! No matter where you are in the Midwest, we know a guy.

It may be hard to resist, but it’s more helpful not to deadhead your plants! This helps with the seeding process. It also gives the birds food or nesting material. Letting flowers go can leave more food for winter as well. Leaving a section of your lawn untouched by the mower can help local wildflowers thrive, giving birds and other pollinators a little getaway. You can also fill feeders to help supplement other natural food sources, especially during colder months.

Trees and shrubbery provide shelter and protection against winds. Including a variety of shapes and sizes of plants in your garden not only dazzles the eyes but also provides birds with a variety of spaces to forage or take a little bird snooze. You can also find cute birdhouses in all shapes, sizes, and materials to best fit you and your garden’s vibe.

Provide water with a birdbath. Remember to keep it clean for the bird's case and yours. Not only can algae build-up, but you’ll want to be careful during the warmer months for the pesky mosquitos. You can refer to last week's blog where I talked about different water features and drip irrigation systems that are a healthy, helpful way to keep your garden hydrated. That goes for ponds and fountains as well! They add pizzazz and provide our bird friends with adequate hydration.

Call us or send us a message so we can do all the heavy lifting, letting you sit back to enjoy birdwatching in your backyard bird sanctuary!

Much Love,


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