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Hot Weather Watering

This week marks the official start of summer and you know what that means; cold and rainy weather giving way to waves and waves of heat! As much as we love not having to bundle up to enjoy the outdoors, it does mean that we have to make sure to give our flora friends some special attention to make sure they enjoy the season as much as we do. Make sure to follow these tips and tricks to keep your garden as beautiful and happy this summer as you are!

1. Water DEEPLY!

If the first inch or so of surrounding soil is feeling dry, watering is a must! You can check whether there is moisture beneath the surface by using your finger to gently press down a few inches near the root zone. The water must penetrate the soil as far down as possible in order to encourage the growth of deep roots and avoid the hot surface of the soil. Watering deeply is also the best way to ensure that the plants are getting as many nutrients as possible from the smallest amount of water so they can avoid being suffocated or becoming waterlogged.

2. Water OFTEN!

Your flowers need at least one inch of water a week, and they may need up to two inches during the height of summer when the sun is drying up more moisture than they can take in! During especially hot weather, you need to water your vegetables at least two to three times a week. Outdoor potted plants need to be watered even more frequently, as they should receive hydration daily, and when temperatures reach above 85°F most species need to be watered twice a day. These time frames may depend on temperatures and precipitation, so make sure you use your finger to find out how much water your plant already has in order to determine exactly how much it needs.

3. Water EARLY!

Watering your outdoor plants both early in the season and early in the day is crucial in order to make sure that they have all the time they need to receive the proper nutrients and hydration required for growth. Watering in the morning allows the plant to soak up nutrients before the water has time to evaporate in the hot summer heat. Make sure that water gets down deep enough, early enough so that you set your plants up for a successful day of growth no matter what’s in store!


While it is very important to water your plants frequently during the hot summer months, it’s also important to water them only as much as they need so that they are suffocated and water logged. Make sure to primarily water the base of the plant, trying to avoid the leaves and stems as much as possible. This is important because many diseases that can damage your plants require moisture to become established and thrive, so keeping the plant’s surfaces dry can prevent these infections from occurring. Watering early in the morning can also help with this as it gives the water plenty of time to evaporate off of the surfaces in the sun. Overall, the most important thing is to do everything in your power to give your garden exactly as much water as it needs so that it can continue to grow, thrive, and make your space beautiful during these wonderful but sometimes stifling months.

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