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Have your plants and breathe easier too!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019


We all know that age old saying about cake, but I think it can apply to many things including plants. Let us have all the nice looking things and let them be good for us in return. Enter: houseplants! Nature's own air purifiers, plants literally eat toxins and chemicals from our not-so-great air and in turn produce life sustaining oxygen for us. How could we ever thank them enough?! You can start small and add a couple plants here and there. Or you could follow in my footsteps and blanket your house/condo/apartment in plants! They add charm, style, and good feelings to any space.


In 1989, NASA conducted a study called The Clean Air Study to test different houseplants and their ability to clean the air of toxins and impurities, on top of consuming carbon dioxide. What they concluded was around 18 different types of houseplants that were proven to eat up harmful toxins such as Xylene, Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Toulene. Now, I'm no scientist or NASA engineer, but I can tell you these things don't sound like the best things to be inhaling. The complete list of houseplants (and flowers!) is available online but I can give you guys a run-down right here. Keep in mind, not all plants are pet friendly!! Some of the plants included on this list are toxic to pets and should be placed very carefully if purchased and you have fur babies.

Air Purifying Plants according to NASA

*toxic to pets

  • Spider plant

  • Broadleaf Lady Palm

  • Dracaena warneckii

  • Dracaena Janet Craig

  • Kimberley Queen Fern

  • Boston Fern

  • Sansevieria laurentii

  • Pothos (common name Devil's Ivy)

  • Florist's chrysanthemum

  • Gerber daisies

  • Peace lily*

  • Chinese evergreen*

  • Anthurium andraeanum* (common name Flamingo lily)

  • Ficus benjamina* (common name Weeping fig)

Some of my personal favorite air purifying plants that I own are my sansevierias, ferns, and dracaenas. I have a few different types of each because they are some of my favorite plant species! About a year ago I developed a serious houseplant obsession and it has just exploded since then. Having my own little jungle helps me get away from the monotony of the city and enjoy some nature indoors. Being in charge of all of these helpless plants also gives me a sense of pride when I see new growth and can tell they are doing well inside my apartment and under my care.

Not all plants are created equal, and some are a little more high maintenance than others. In that case, I can tell you which of the plants on this list will be the easiest to care for if you don't have the greenest thumb! Sansevierias, commonly known as snake plants, are one of the most forgiving species of plant you can own. They can take almost any kind of light, although bright direct light might be a little too much. They even tolerate lower light situations and if you forget to water every so often, they won't be too angry with you. Dracaenas are another species that are pretty simple to care for. They don't need a strict watering schedule because they can handle drier soil. As long as you keep the leaves and soil lightly misted (not soggy) they can dry out completely before watering. They come in all sizes ranging from little 4" pots to 4 ft. trees! Lastly, I would say Spider plants are another type of plant that are super easy to grow and can take a lot. They love bright indirect to direct light and they can reproduce babies over and over again. That means endless plants!!! And to top it off, all three of these species are pet friendly!

Whether you've been into plants for decades or you're a total plant newbie, everybody could use some cleaner air. Why not give a few plants a try and see how you feel? I have truly seen and felt a difference in my apartment since growing my jungle and I couldn't be happier. If you are considering growing your own little jungle or just picking up a plant or some flowers, write a comment below or shoot us an email and let us know what you're looking for. We can help you decide what type of plants will work best for you, place orders, and answer any questions you might have! Floral Bar is here to help you and make your home brighter. Thank you so much for reading about these amazingly magical air purifying plants, and we hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

All the best,


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