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the Cheney place: Katie & AUSTIn-LET LOVE GROW

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I work in a greenhouse and I’m surrounded by flowers all day, every day. Over the past few

years of working in a green environment, I’ve gotten to know my fair share about flowers,

learning the names and being able to enjoy the view on the daily.

When I got asked to help outwith flowers for the Fruend wedding I jumped at the opportunity! Being surrounded by flowers is such a joy and even more so when you get to create arrangements for such a wonderful celebration!

When it came to the day, I had no idea what to expect. If I’m being honest the idea

of doing flowers for a wedding seemed so daunting at first, especially having had no experience whatsoever! What if I messed up? Cut the roses too short? Stepped on the lisianthus? Dropped a vase? (I did end up breaking a candle holder, luckily Leah came in clutch and was prepared with extras).

Once I arrived at the Cheney Place I was excited to see a beautiful industrial landscape we would soon be filling with our floral touch. I could already see a magical ambiance for a wedding. This just made me all the more excited to get down to business and get my first wedding under my belt!

The first thing to unload were all the ferns, one of my favorite finnicky plants. I was excited to see the plan for these green bushy plants lining the aisle where the bride and groom would walk down later that day. One of the things I did was add a few white snap dragons here and there, with a beautiful blue delphinium hybrid for a pop of color. I already loved the idea of ferns lining the aisle but when we added the snaps and the delphiniums it just made it all the more magical.

As the girls worked away at bouquets, I got to have fun with floral foam! Stabbing away with

tree ferns, olive branches, and roses mixed with the white lisianthus, I learned a lot about the sporadic curations of floral forms. The European style urns ended up framing the altar the bride and groom would say their vows under, meshed with the warm light of the candles.

At the end of the floral fair with pedals strewn about the concrete floor, I could see the

juxtaposition of the mechanical mixed with the blossoming botanical and was struck by how it all met together to form such modern mythical mood. We rushed our clippings behind the

curtain after lighting the last of the candles and beheld the fairytale vibes that we all had a

proud hand in creating to help the Fruend’s celebrate their love.

Written by Renee Humbert a freelance writer, florist and florence the machine fanatic.

We are ecstatic that she takes the time out of her life to work with us!

Thank you so much to the Austin and Katie for hiring us to do what we love for your special day your love for each other shows! - Leah & team of

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