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Bridal Fashion Maven: KATE LOSCALZO

Stunning, exquisite taste, top notch brands, dreamy compositions, these are just some of the words we think of when Kate Loscalzo comes to mind. Kate and I met at a men's fashion store years ago and ever since we have admired each others en devours. We have partnered up to bring fashion and floral together and have embraced how much fun work can be.

With 9 plus years behind her Kate knows the in and out’s of the fashion world. She knows how to style some people.

We asked Kate to be part of this simple blog because the stylist is a key component to a wedding which many overlook. The presence of a professional stylist can truly set a theme and fairytale mood to a wedding.

The style of the bride and the bridal party is the quintessence of the entire wedding. Choosing the perfect gown is the most critical part of planning your celebration! Many brides will say picking the right dress can be the most difficult part.

Kate Loscalzo can help you feel and look your best, and help ease you through this process. She can assist with shopping for the gown, rehearsal outfitting, helping procure the right pairs of shoes, pairing the right accessories to complement you and your BIG day. She can help you navigating through the endless amount of options presented to you.

Maybe you need help picking out the second dress, or even third, or you possibly need help with a bridal shower outfit, the outfit for your next day brunch? Kate can help you decide where to save and where to be extravagant. She will take the stress and replace it with your beauty which will radiate through your confidence.

She can help explain the desired theme to your mother and mother-to-be so the ascetic of the wedding reads through all parties involved.

Check out the tips she has on Instagram @bride_styling_guide

And reach out to her via email @


- Leah -

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