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About 5 years ago, I was lucky enough to visit the Milwaukee art museum Architect Santiago Calatrava is one of my favorites! If you need a quick trip away in the midwest this is one of them!

I was super surprised to see the Art in Bloom exhibit randomly on display, girl-oh-girl ( it is still women's month) was this fun to see. Years later I was able to attend the one in Grand Rapids and swoon over the florist from my hometown Grand Rapids, MI. This year FLORAL BAR was able to participate at the GRAM, and its happening this weekend! We were given the painting, The Alten Daughters - Mathias J. Alten | Grand Rapids Art Museum ( what a challenging piece!

We saw the colors are soft wallpaper on the walls, florals with bird motifs, and ivy. The daughters are wearing beautiful clothing. Each daughter was represented by a color, if you go, let me know if you see the one on the left. We used the following florals, calendula, clematis, lisianthus, dried palms, gold ferns, magnolia, delphinium, larkspur, and scabious.

Check it out and see the other florists in our talented community.

Thank you to the GRAM, the facility, my co-workers, the other florist and the opportunity to be challenged. OH AND VOTE, HAPPY SPRING!



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