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A Fall Wedding For A Perpetually Autumnal Heart

Updated: Apr 26

As we’re nearing the end of our Midwest winter and inching ever so close to spring, I’m reminded of why l love living in a place that experiences the changing of seasons. Still, throughout our current seasonal transition, my autumnal heart aches for the crispness of fall. I proudly wear my “boring and basic” title as an autumn lover (you know, the stereotypical pumpkin spice and everything nice vibe) but there’s nothing basic about the color palette that fall creates. I may be biased as a Fall Girl™ but nothing beats the cozy vibes of a fall wedding.

Photographer Credit: @kim_s_photography

Last year, I was lucky to have Floral Bar call me to play with flowers for a fall wedding. The Cheney Place, a warehouse-style venue nestled in the North side of Grand Rapids was the beautiful backdrop for the Dozema’s to celebrate their love. Despite the chill in the November air, the warmth of their wedding is reflected through the bride's choices of a fall-themed color palette. Deep maroons, fiery oranges, and herby greens adorned the place with touches of gold and dusty rose.

My favorite piece to work on was the geometric archway, the stunning backdrop to the ceremony. The rustic wooden frame dripped with bay leaves, fluffy red ferns, and eucalyptus. We built up the structure of the archway with pops of orange rose hips and maroon cymbidium orchids. The gold hexagon centerpieces paired beautifully with sprigs of fuzzy kangaroo paws, soft white lisianthus, and the tiny sweet blooms of Geraldton wax.

Photographer Credit: @kim_s_photography

Photographer Credit: @kim_s_photography

The pièce de résistance was a breathtaking arrangement with deep maroon orchids, tufts of soft raspberry red ferns, peach garden roses, pops of fiery ranunculus, and thistles peeking through to spice things up. The textures looked elegant amongst the urban meets vintage backdrop of the venue. While we love working with the natural color of the flora, it’s fun to enhance the arrangement with touches of dyed rusty orange seeded eucalyptus. The fun of floral arrangements is building a piece full of variety, texture, and color that speaks to the joy of two people celebrating their love.

With another Floral Bar wedding under my belt, I can’t help but get excited for whatever fun flowers we’ll get to play with next! If you or someone you know is in need of a florist, look no further than Floral Bar, you’ll get a florist with a personality as colorful as your floral arrangements!

Love always,


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