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Leah Mulder | Principle Designer

Leah is officially a landscape designer and florist. Unofficially she is a home chef, water lover, dedicated TIA (aunt), and enjoys speaking Spanish. 



Floral Bar exists to make YOUR wedding day special, stress-free, sustainable, and organic. We love being surrounded by the plant world. Leah has been working in the industry for 18 years, going on 16 years, landscaping Chicago Rooftops, postage stamp gardens and large suburban estates. With the experience behind, I created Floral Bar. I'm inspired by people and their connections to nature. I love learning and teaching people how we connect with nature. Whether it is for a large wedding, small intimate wedding, workshop, or landscaping I'm here to help. I believe flowers & plants help us set the mood and cherish these moments.

Floral Bar is committed to the organic flower movement and reducing the footprint within the floral and landscaping industry. I've partnered with various organic flower farmers in Michigan. We also use these organic practices in the gardens that we install.

X O - leah 

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