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Do you have a landscaping project in mind? Don’t know where to start? Let us help you take the pressure off. 


We are seasonal container garden specialists, but we also create stunning rooftop gardens, outdoor spaces, and backyard oasis’. We are inspired by Jens Jensen, Piet Oudolf, Roy Diblik & Monte Don to create gardens that have their own ecosystem and work symbiotically while still paying attention to the residential architecture and design. 


At Floral Bar, we are committed to creating self-sustaining and eco-friendly gardens that grow and endure as you do. You will see diversity in each design we create that also maintains functionality.

We partner with local vendors to not only support our community but to help reduce the carbon footprint in the floral and landscaping industry.

Garden Design Landscaping: How Long Does Landscape Design Take?


Studies have shown planning a vacation brings as much (or more) joy as the actual vacation itself. We believe it. We enjoy the process of choosing a destination, place to stay, stuff to do, where to eat, etc. For a large trip it can take months to get it all nailed down. That's a long time, but it's fun.


Landscape design is similar. Putting a design together for a client is a process. A long process. Sometimes a very long process. We can't do a design in a day and would not even want to try!

We often meet with people who already have a design for their yard or a design they don't like. How does that happen? It's the result of hiring a designer rather than collaborating with a designer. That will never happen if you work with us.

The Landscape Design Process:


The process usually starts with a simple contact - either a phone call or a message through our website. If the client's project sounds like a good fit, we schedule a consultation.

We generally only schedule consultatIons for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. This ensures we will have time each week for actual design time. During the winter, we usually have openings within 3-4 days. During late spring, due to high volume, we may not be able to meet for a week or two... or three.


The design consultation will last 30-60 minutes, depending on your project scope and talkativeness. At the end of the consultation, hopefully we both feel like the other is a good fit. If so, we will follow up in 1-2 days with a landscape design proposal. Please don't feel bad if we decline your project!


You can then take as much time as you’d like to consider. If you accept the design proposal, then what?


We will return within a week or so to take pictures and measurements of your site. How long before we return with the initial version of the design? Depends. On what? The size of your property, complexity of your design, and our current workload. The speed at which you respond to questions we raise can also play a role.


In the fall and winter, we can have the initial design ready in 2-3 weeks. During spring and summer it will be 4-6 weeks.


Once we have presented the initial landscape design, we move on to revisions. Now we remove features you don't like, tweak ones that stay, and make any needed compromises for your budget. Two rounds of revisions are usually included. We email the revisions in PDF and communication is primarily via email. These revisions happen as fast as your feedback is provided.


How long does it take to get from initial design, through two revisions, to a completed design? Again, it depends on a variety of factors. But it generally ranges from 2 to 5 weeks. In this phase your communication is key. If you answer emails quickly and decisively, the process really moves. Maybe that's not your style. Or maybe you are on a long vacation in Patagonia. Not a problem, things just move a little slower.


Looking back at recent design clients, We find that we meet in person 2-4 times, speak on the phone 1-2 times, and exchange 75-100 emails (!) during the design process.

We enjoy what we do and what this entails.


Does that sound like a process you would enjoy? Most of our clients do. And at the end they have a design that they love, can afford, and really works

What will I receive?

You will receive a comprehensive plan which will include man hours to implement the design, the cost takes into account on-site consualtiaons with a designer, plant recommendations,  list and breakdown of number of plants ( trees, shrubs, etc. ) material ( soil test, soil amendments) site preparation, planting hours, contractor prices if needed. 

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