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Principal Designer | Creative Director | Fun Facts


Leah loves beach volleyball. Cooking is her meditation. She is getting her captain's license soon...

She created FLORAL BAR to create a community with like-minded people. She likes to help people create the vision, that they have for their space. She takes an exterior designer approach, paying attention to functionality, architectural relevance, and scale while stressing the importance of natives and plant diversity. 

Florals Bar exists to help implement YOUR garden or wedding days into the special extension of you expressed with plants. 

Leah has been working in the industry for 15 years, going on 16 years, landscaping Chicago Rooftops, postage stamp gardens, and large suburban estates. "I'm inspired by people and their connections to nature. I love learning and teaching people how we connect with nature. Flowers & plants are my crayons to the canvas of dirt. I love to help bring this art to each of our customers and those that pass eyes'.

We have committed to the organic & sustainability movement. Reducing the footprint within the floral and landscaping industry has been a core belief of our business. We have partnered with various organic flower farmers in Michigan. We also use these organic practices in the gardens that we install. Why not use ladybugs instead of insecticide soap?

Leah Mulder

Grayce Sweetman


Administrative Assistant


The ying to a yang, the admin guru, the cubs stadium tornado warning survivor! Grayce graduated this past year from Loyola University with a degree in cognitive neuroscience and has been a huge asset to the company ever since. She can basically wrangle the creative brain of the principle designer into logical, cohesiveness that our customers can actually understand… pure genius!

She definitely has a knack for creating order in the constant chaos hence the very awe-inspiring science degree. 

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